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Product Description

DIGITAL DESIGNER PAINT is a water based special effects acrylic paint that creates a variety of effects on your interior walls.

Recommended Usage

It is recommended for all types of interior surface like smooth cement plaster, False Ceiling, asbestos sheet, concrete surface. void surfaces with continuous dampness and seepages.

Technical Data

Product Name Method Of Application Shades Finish Theoretical Coverage Pack Size Shelf Life
DIGITAL Designer Paint Brush, Roller or Spray. As per shade card Glossy and Smooth for non-metallic top coat
Glossy Metallic looks for Metallic top coat
90-100 sq. ft per Ltr per coat. 200 ml, 500 ml and 1 Ltr

2 years from manufacturing date if kept in original

air tight containers away from sunlight.

Application Procedure

Recommended Base coat is DIAMOND LUXURY EMULSION. Prepare the surface as for DIAMOND LUXURY EMULSION and apply 2-3 coats of the selected basecoat colour. Application Procedure for DIGITAL DESIGNER PAINT DIGITAL DESIGNER PAINT can be diluted up to 100 ml of clean water in 1 litre of paint, if desired and as per tools for design required viscosity. Stir well and pour DIGITAL DESIGNER PAINT (tinted to desired shade in combination of basecoat shade) on to a roller tray. Load a slightly dampened Application Roller or Play tool and Apply a coat over the properly dried basecoat.


Apply in small, manageable section up to 3′ X 3′ and not the entire wall at a time. Continue to work in sections 3′ X 3′ ensuring a slight overlap of sections to maintain a wet edge. Repeat the above steps till the entire surface is completed.

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