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Product Description

Pacific Aluminium Paint is a solvent based paint designed to provide a metallic finish to wood and metal surfaces. It is suitable for interior as well as exterior surfaces and can withstand temperature up to 160?.

Technical Data

Product Name Product Composition Method of Application Shades Finish Supply Viscosity theoretical Coverage Drying Time Over Coating Interval Pack Size Offered Shelf Life
PACIFIC ALUMINIUM PAINT Special Metallic flake pigment & co-polymer binder. Brush or spray Metallic Silver and Metallic Pale Gold Glossy Metallic finish 65-70 sec by FC4 @ Room Temperature.

90-100 Sq. ft. per Ltr per coat.

Touch Dry: 2-3 hrs Surface Dry: 2-3 hrs
Hard Dry: 24 hrs,Recoating not generally required but can be recoated after 6-8 hrs
50ml,100ml,200ml, 500mI, 1, 4, 10 & 20 Ltr 2 years from manufacturing date if kept in original air tight. Container Away from Direct Sunlight.

Floor Coat Red & Black Product Description

It is a high quality synthetic resin-based paint, recommended for cement plastered floor for interior application. It has .

•Good scratch resistance

•Superb gloss and retention

• Good drying properties

•Better at a lesser price

Chassis Paint Red & Black

• It is a synthetic mixture of anti corrosive pigments and polymer.
•It is used as a coating to arrest corrosion in automobile industry, steel fabrication industry and other, where corrosion on metal is of major.

Black Board Paints Product Description

It is a quality synthetic resin based TOPCOAT used to apply and convert masonry surfaces to black boards and is used in Schools, Colleges etc.

Synthetic Clear Varnish Product Description

It is a high quality synthetic resin-based varnish, recommended for wood for interior application. It can also be used for mixing in synthetic enamels for enhancing the gloss. Main features of synthetic Clear Varnish are, Good Durability • Super gloss and retention Excellent hardness • Good drying properties .

Finish:Smooth and Glossy

Theoretical Coverage:100-130 Sq. ft. per Ltr per coat.

Drying Time: Surface Dry: 4-8 hrs Hard Dry: 24 hrs

Pack Size Offered : 500ml, 1, 4, 10 & 20 Ltr


Covering capacity of the paint will vary depending on substrate, surface preparation, method of application and other factors. The practical covering capacity will differ from the theoretical covering capacity.

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