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Product Description

Pacific Hammertone Finish is a fast air dry spraying enamel based on a copolymer alkyd resin and pigmented with the highest quality light fast pigments and aluminum flake to give a decorative hammer patterned finish. It is designed as a general purpose industrial enamel pattern finish that produces uniform and attractive hammered pattern with good slip resistance. The film is hard glossy and covers minor surface imperfections.

Recommended Usage

It can be applied over bare steel or properly prepared surfaces, including metal and timber. Typical uses are on sheet steel, agricultural equipment, vehicle chassis, engines, furniture, cabinets and electrical switchboards.

Technical Data

Product Name Product Composition Method of Application Shades Finish Supply Viscosity theoretical Coverage Drying Time Over Coating Interval Pack Size Offered Shelf Life
PACIFIC HAMMERTONE FINISH Special aluminum flake pigment & co-polymer alkyd binder. Brush or spray Ten attractive shade as per shade card. Glossy Hammertone finish 65-70 sec by FC4 @ Room Temperature. 70-80 Sq. ft. per Ltr per coat. Touch Dry: 15 min
Surface Dry: 2-3 hrs
Hard Dry: 24 hrs
Recoating not generally required but can be recoated after 6-8 hrs 200ml, 500mI, 1, 4, 10 & 20 Ltr 2 years from manufacturing date if kept in original air tight Containers away from direct sunlight.

Application Procedure

Ensure that surface is free from dust, dirt loose particles & moisture. Previously painted surface should be stripped off the old paint. Any such patches must be thoroughly cleaned using a suitable decreasing solution and the surface allowed to dry. The sound preparation of a substrate ensures a good key to facilitate adhesion of subsequent coat of paint. Primer the surface with recommended Pacific Primer to get better results. Spray first, mist coat followed by normal coat at 50psi air pressure and application viscosity by thinning with Pacific Hammer-tone Thinner.



Do not over dilute. Stir well and strain before use.

Safety Information

Store in well ambient conditions, ventilated locations & away from the source of ignition and fire. Keep away from children. In case of eye / skin contact wash with plenty of water. Inhalation/injection will cause danger. In case move to fresh air & consult medical practitioners in both the cases. Do not apply when ambient temperature might drop to level below ICC within 4 hrs of application. Avoid extra thinning for better results. The container must be tightly closed when not in use. Stir well and strain before use. Use safety equipment’s like rubber or polythene gloves, safety goggles/glasses & face mask.


Covering capacity of the paint will vary depending on substrate, surface preparation, method of application and other factors. The practical covering capacity will differ from the theoretical covering capacity.

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