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Product Description

Pacific Synthetic Putty is almost butter-like paste consistency and is easy in application. It is recommended for use on Metal & Wooden surfaces. It is supplied at ready to use consistency, but can be thinned down to the desired consistency by way of recommended thinner. On Air Drying or storing it dries hard, cutting is easy and involves no strain. It does not affect the gloss or properties Of any enamel applied over it. It is recommended for use on metallic surfaces, for filling Of dents and other fabrication materials.

Appearance:Smooth paste, free from lumps and  Grey in Color.

Nature:Thixotropic .

Drying Time:Surface Dry: 30-40 mins.

Pack Size Offered:500 gms, 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 35 Kg.

Application Procedure

Ensure that surface is free from dust, rust, dirt loose particles & moisture. Previously painted surface should be stripped off the old paint. Any such patches must be thoroughly cleaned using a suitable degreasing solution and the surface allowed to dry. Putty should be applied with flexible putty knife. Hand should move in semi circle and the article should have a primer coat for better adhesion of putty. Allow 2-3 hours for the film to dry hard when after wet sanding should be done to get smooth surface without any blemish.

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