Product Description

Pacific Tuff Care Crack Filler Polymer Powder is a cement based polymer modified powder material for filling cracks in plastered surface. It is composed of cement, siliceous aggregates, polymer and additives which requires only water addition. It is ideal to fill 3 to 4 mm wider static cracks. It can be used for cracks on all interior and exterior absorbent surfaces, cracks and gaps caused by drying and shrinkage. It has strong adhesion, is non-shrink in nature, good water resistance properties & weathering durability.

Technical Data

Product Name Nature and Colour theoretical Coverage Drying Time Pack Size Shelf Life
TUFF CARE CRACK FILLER POLYMER POWDER Free flowing white powder Depend upon depth and width of crack 2-3 hours touch free, hard dry overnight 500 gms, 1 Kg, and 20 Kg 1 year from manufacturing date If kept in original
air tight Containers away from sunlight.
Store in cool and dry place.

Method of Application

Surface Preparation

Store in cool and dry place. Ensure the joints edges to be neat and sound. Make sure that surface is clean & free from standing water. The surface should be free of loose debris. Contamination of oil, grease or bituminous should be completely cleaned. Roughen smooth surfaces to provide a sound key.


In normal conditions Crack Filler Polymer Powder does not require a primer. However in critical areas water based acrylic or SBR based primer can be used depending on the severity of surface and application.


Mixing ratio of Crack Filler Powder to water varies with respect to area of application. For surface levelling – the ratio is 2 parts of powder to I part of water which will yield to smooth buttery consistency. For filling deep holes and cracks – reduce the water quantity to get a thicker pasty consistency. Start addition of crack filler powder gradually under continuous mixing till a homogeneous lump free mix is obtained after addition of balance quantity of water. For smaller mixes wooden or metal spatula can be used and mixed manually. For larger mixes Hand drill mixer with paddle stirrer can also be used. The total mixing time shall not be more than 5-10 minutes. The final mixed product would be of dough consistency paste. In case further soft consistency is required, measured quantity of water can be used.


Fill the mixed paste into the crack by spatula or putty knife blade. Fill excess material and tool it by putty knife blade pressing against crack so that air voids get filled. By wet finger tool the surface of material in to a concave nature by pressing against joint edges.


Pacific Tuff care crack Filler Powder is for static joint only. It does not accommodate any movements and thus it is not suitable for dynamic cracks. For outside use the Crack Filler must be coated over with exterior paint to prevent water penetration.

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