Product Description

Pacific Tuff Care Damp Stop is single pack high performance water proofing material which is formulated with white cement and special imported polymer chemical that give elastic properties and stop dampness, moisture on wall and protect your costly paint. It can be used for damp interior walls adjacent to bathroom, kitchen and exteriors, walls affected by ground rising dampness and walls affected by efflorescence.

Technical Data

Product Name Method of Application Shades theoretical Coverage Drying Time Pack Size Shelf Life
TUFF CARE DAMP STOP Putty knife or Trowel . Off white 14-15 sq. ft per kg per coat 4-6 hours touch free, hard dry overnight 2 Kg, 5 Kg and 10 Kg I year from manufacturing date If kept in original air tight Containers away from sunlight.

Method Application

First of all find out cause of dampness on wall, check pipe leakage or any kind of plumbing error and resolved it first. Than clean the surface by removing dust, loose particles, oil, grease, algal and fungal growth. Prepare the surface by completely removing the old paint film and existing pop so that the cement plaster is exposed. If cement plaster is weak or detached from brick work, re-plastering must be done and wait for 72 hours for the plaster to cure before applying this product. All existing cracks («3mm) should be treated with Pacific Paint Crack filler. Apply first self priming coat of Damp Stop diluted with clean water I : I ratio and allow to 4-6 hrs dry. Apply 2 coats of Pacific Tuff Care Damp Stop diluted with clean water in 3:1 ratio by using putty knife or trowel . Keep interval of 4-6 hours between coats. The system should cover an area well over and wide of the affected area approximately 2 feet more in all directions. For severely affected areas, apply an additional coat of Damp stop as mention above. After overnight drying apply suitable putty- primer and top coat.


Apply only on contentious plaster and not on POP, putty or existing paint. Not designed for application on ceiling affected due to seepage from toilets upstairs. It is recommended to go to the source and apply the product in the sunken areas. Always add powder to water, not reverse to ensure the mixture is free of lumps. Mix only enough mixture that can be consumed with 2 hours. For best results, arrest the source of water before applying Damp Stop.

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