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Product Description

“SMART CARE WALL PUTTY” is water resistant white cement based polymer putty, which can be used on concrete/mortar walls (internal and external) and ceilings. Being water-resistant it provides a protective base to your expensive paints. It has more adhesive strength providing surface. It can even be applied on freshly plastered wall thus resulting in savings of time and cost. During repainting, the surface done with “Smart Care Putty” requires minimum scrubbing thus eliminating the mess of dust, which is a health hazard especially for asthmatic patients. It fills the fine pores of the walls and ceilings and provides a white, smooth and dry surface for painting. “Smart Care Putty” can be applied even on moist surfaces (Internal/External).

Technical Data

Product Name Product Composition Method of Application Shades Finish theoretical Coverage Drying Time Lime Content Compressive Strength @30 days Pack Size Offers Pot Life Shelf Life
PACIFIC SMART CARE POLYMER BASED CEMENT PUTTY White Cement with Special Polymer Powder. Putty knife. White Smooth and Matt 20-22 Sq. ft. per Kg per coat @ 1mm thickness.
(may be varies depend upon porosity of the surface)
Touch Dry: 2-3 hrs, Surface Dry for sanding : 4-8 hrs
Hard Dry: 12 hrs
Nil 13.25 N/ mm2 20 Kg and 40 Kg 1 to 1.5 hrs 6 months from manufacturing date if kept in original air tight Dry condition and away from direct sunlight.

Application Procedure

Surface Preparation

Remove all loosely adhering material from the wall surface with the help of sand paper, putty blade or wire brush. The substrate should be clean, free from dust, grease and loose materials. Moisten the wall with sufficient quantity of clean water before applying “Smart Care Putty”.

Pre-wetting of the Substrate

It is very important and essential that the surface is aptly wet before the application of “Cement Putty”. This ensures easy work ability, higher coverage and higher bonding strength with the surface.

Mixing of  “Smart Care Putty”

Mix “Smart Care Putty” with 30-35% clean water slowly to make a paste. It is very important that water be added to the putty to make a mix and not vice versa. Continue the mixing for 10-15 minutes till a uniform paste is formed. It is very important that the mixing of “Smart Care Putty” should be done throughout. This will help in easy application, obtaining more coverage and smooth uniform shade. Only prepare a quantity which can be used within 2-3 hours of mixing with water.

Application of “Smart Care Putty”  on the surface

After thoroughly mixing “Smart Care Putty” apply the first coat on the moistened wall surface from bottom to upward direction uniformly with the aid of putty blade. This would ensure minimum wastage and proper finish. After drying of first coat of putty just rub the surface gently with wet sponge or very gently with the putty blade in order to remove the loose particles. Allow the surface to dry for at least 4-6 hours and then apply second coat of putty. Leave the surface to dry completely. After drying of second coat remove any type of marks with the help of moist sponge or rub the surface very gently with the putty blade. Leave the surface to dry, preferably overnight or 10-12 hours. Always prepare a required quantity of putty and use it within 2-3 hrs of mixing with water. The total thickness of the coats should be limited to maximum 1.5 mm. It is not necessary to rub the putty surface done with “Smart Care Putty”. However, if at all there is a need to remove unevenness before applying any kind of paint/distemper, gently level the surface with very fine water proofing emery paper of not less than 500 number till get a glossy white surface.

Precautions during application

Mixing of the “Smart Care Putty” is very important and hence extreme care is to be taken for proper And through mixing with hand or mechanical stirrer in order to get best results. Mixing is to be continued till a uniform paste is formed. It is very important that during mixing the required amount of water is to be added incrementally to “Smart Care Putty” and not vice versa (Do not add putty into water.) The “Smart Care Putty’ should be applied over wet surface. It is recommended not to rub the “Smart Care Putty” strongly and harshly with rough emery paper. This break the film formed over the “Smart Care Putty”, which decreases the water repellence properties. In case of fresh concrete/mortar surface it is recommended that two coats of Pacific Acrylic Cement Primer W/T be done before application of “Smart Care Putty”.

 Preparations During Usage

Though it contains not-toxic materials but still care should be taken to avoid dust inhalation while Mixing and handling. In case of contact with eyes or mouth, wash with plenty of clean water. Keep it in a dry place and out of reach of children. Persons who are allergic to cement/cement products should take proper precautions before use.


The coverage area of “Smart Care Putty” on smooth normal mortar wall is 20 to 22 Sq.ft/Kg/mm in single coat. The coverage area, however, will depend upon the quality of the substrate.


Generally the cause of efflorescence on the wall surface is the brick masonry, which is due to the quality of bricks, and water. If the effect of efflorescence is very high on the brick masonry then proper care should be taken to control the efflorescence. The efflorescence on brick masonry if allowed to exist will impair the bonding of the “Smart Care Putty” as is with any other product.

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