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Product Description

Weather Guard Premium Exterior is a high per performance premium quality exterior paint based on 100% acrylic resin system. Special additives in it gives excellent long term protection to the surface against alkali, fungal and algal growth and UV degradation. It is specially formulated to withstand extreme tropical weather condition Of rainfall, humidity and heat.

Recommended Usage

WEATHER GUARD PREMIUM ACRYLIC EMULSION is recommended for all types Of exterior surface like cement plaster, asbestos sheet, concrete surface. Avoid surfaces with continuous dampness and see pages.

Technical Data

Product Name Product Composition Method of Application Shades Finish theoretical Coverage Pack Size Shelf Life
WEATHER GUARD PREMIUM EXTERIOR ACRYLIC EMULSION Special 100% Acrylic polymer. Brush,Roller,Conventional or Airless spray As per shade Card, Special Shades can be
made available on request.
Smooth and Eggshell Gloss. 130-150 sq. ft per ltr per coat. 1 Ltr, 4 Ltr, 10 Ltr & 20 Ltr pack 2 years from manufacturing date If kept in
original air tight Containers away from sunlight.
away from sunlight.

Application Procedure

New Surface

Previously Painted surface should be made free from all dust, greasy and powdery material. The algal and fungal growth can be removed using wire brush and the surface must be cleaned with water splash. All loose old paint must be cleaned from the surface with wire brush and water jet and left to dry. All structural cracks must be open in V shape filled with White Cement /Cement based Plaster and leakage should be stopped, before actual painting. Cracks should be filled up by using a cement and sand mixture in the ratio 1:3 or Pacific polymer crack filler. Newly Plastered surface must have been cured at least 2-3 month prior the painting. Apply one coat of Milan Exterior cement primer or Pacific Weather Guard Premium Acrylic Emulsion diluted 1:1 with clean water.


Stir Well and Strain before use. Please do not add any kind of chemical or thinner in paint. Over dilution of Weather Guard Premium Emulsion may result in shade variation, poor hiding, poor bonding, or flaking. Excess brushing and stretching are also to be avoided.


Apply 2-3 coats of Pacific Weather Guard Premium Acrylic Emulsion thinned with 0400-450 ml by volume of potable water per Itr paint. Allow drying time 3-4 hours between the coats.


Covering capacity Of the paint will vary depending on substrate, surface preparation, method 0f application and other factors. The practical covering capacity will differ from the theoretical covering capacity As precaution an initial trial may be undertaken to determine covering capacity of very rough or abnormal surface.

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